Scooter Rentals on Cruises

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Are mobility scooters available to rent on cruise ships and hotels, etc.?

Mobility scooters need to be rented prior to boarding cruise ship. They most likely be in your cabin. You can rent a scooter once you get to your hotel or pre rent before you arrive.

Here’s one company: Mobility Scooter & Wheelchair Rental | Scootaround We just contracted with them for a cruise out of the Port of Canaveral in Florida in November.

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Another one is Scooter Rentals for Cruise, Hotel and Air Travel | Special Needs Group. I think they are specific to which cruise port your cruise is going out of.

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Check with the cruise line. They usually have a rental company that they work with that can provide that but you need to reserve in advance

Yes. I have rented scooters in New York, San Francisco, Savannah and in Spain. I find mobility devices on-line, and arrange for delivery and pickup. I research the accessibility of my destination and choose a hotel near things I’m planning to do, then ride to my nearby destination. This works in locations that are close to hotels in good weather. Bonus round: most NYC taxis are equipped to carry scooters.

There are many companies that rent scooters. You must rent the scooter prior to getting on the cruise ship. The companies will put the scooter in your cabin so it is ready to go. I see many people have posted links to companies that rent scooters.

I believe the same companies will bring scooters t hotels. You may need to call a few to get what you want. Good luck.

I just got back from a cruise and rented a scooter from Scootaround. It cost me a little over $350 for a week. They delivered it to our cabin and picked up there. It was the best money we spent on that cruise.

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I have always rented mobility scooters when I cruise. My scooter is delivered with its charging tools to my stateroom prior me boarding. You can also request it be delivered to you prior to you boarding if you need it to get onboard. I use Special Needs at Sea (check out their website). I find them quite accommodating wherever I am headed. On my last cruise my scooter was in my stateroom when I arrived at Ft. Lauderdale, FL and after 22 days I left it in my stateroom in Seattle, WA for the company to retrieve. They have all models and can provide scooters for all sizes of people. I have always been pleased with their service and the per day rate for rental declines as your number of days increase. For example: I paid less per day for my 22 day cruise than I paid for an earlier 7 day cruise. As far as I know they are available at all cruise ports. I highly recommend this company.

Hi. I also agree that it is extremely convenient to rent a scooter for a cruise. I have a bit of a dilemma as I have been quoted what I think is way too much for a 15 day transatlantic cruise. I can purchase and own a nice gently used Pride scooter for the same or less.

So, as I still have limited mobility and will likely end up purchasing a scooter soon should I just try to figure out taking a scooter on a flight to Gatwick and then on to another flight to Barcelona? The cruise ends in my home port. Or just bite bullet and just pay for the convenience of not having to fly with a scooter? Price quoted $485 and $603

Thanks. Leigh.

Those prices seem high. I know with renting them for ceuises the daily rental rare deoends on number of days in that tte longer the cruise the cheaper the daily rate.

Hey it’s Pinky :fairy: again; Your friendly neighborhood moderator. Just wanted to say Thank You for posting those two links for the rental companies. You took the brands right out of my mouth. Especially since they seemed to have formed a monopoly of the cruise ship rental business.

All I wanted to add, was before renting one of these devices for your cruise, please make sure you have also rented an accessible room on-board your cruise in order to fit your rental equipment in your cabin. There is some rumor people share online that the cruise lines will just let you leave it in the hallway by your room or in the next elevator landing area near your cabin. It is just a rumor. I have witnessed some ships attempt that, until someone else in a chair or scooter can’t get past it; then they have to move it (I’m guessing back to the front desk storage ?) Can’t vouch for all the ships, but have seen this be the situation on quite a few.

One other note too, think about what kind of activities you want to do on the cruise before deciding whether to rent a scooter, power chair, or the Whill (if available). They all make different activities easier on cruises for different guests. If you can still walk a bit, go with the scooter and only use when you need to. If you can’t walk at all, consider the power chair or Whill; you would be shocked at how much more you can do in a power chair since you don’t have the handlebars in front of you all the time (controller is on the arm). Just saying… They aren’t as scary as they look. And I love you can dance with someone in it (just watch the toes).

Last note about the rentals. Make sure you are selecting a cruise that docks where they have accessible entry/exits vs having to tender to the port or the rare occasion they don’t have accessible busses to leave the cruise terminal in port. Only had to make that mistake once. Some of the brand new larger ships have ways to deal with that now, but most in the industry don’t have much choice due to the size of ship vs. size of the local dock. (The downside of the ships getting so big).

As for renting scooters at hotels, that differs from every area. Most cities you can find a local rental place and have it delivered and picked up at the hotel, but smaller areas is a little trickier to find short term rentals. Is there a specific city you are thinking of visiting?

Ok, I apologize I nerded out a bit on this. It’s just one of the issues that got me started doing reviews in the travel industry and I always want to make sure no one makes the same mistakes I did my first few cruises.

Thank you for putting up with my scooter/chair rant. I hope it didn’t drive you too nuts.
Let me know if you need some help with those cruises and I will try my best for you.

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