Seeking info for people with communication difficulties

Hi, Im looking for information for people who have speech disabilities, such as aphasia. A family member had a stroke, and while she does have mild mobility issues (no paralysis, thankfully) her main difficulty is communicating clearly what she needs and wants. Are airline/airport staff trained in this area? She can make her needs known, but sometimes it takes her several tries, and she can get frustrated. We live on opposite coasts. I miss her. She very much wants to come East and visit family, but I believe she fears ridicule or maybe being ignored if the agents/stewardesses/staff are too busy to be patient with her. Hence, she hasn’t tried any form of travel in the 2.5 years since her stroke. Any advice, resources, hands on knowledge is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

there are actually text to speech apps free you can download on your phones for this if she has functions in her fingers that is what i’m using. now

I dealt with this with my mom for about ten years. I know you said she had no mobility issues but I would recommend requesting a wheelchair in airport and up to the airplane door. This provides your relative the ability to get to the gates without worry and gives the gate agents with a sign that there is an issue. With my mom, her aphasia got worse when she was worried about other things such as navigating a strange airport. I also had my mom carry a note she could hand to people she needed to communicate with explaining she had trouble speaking, it would take her a few moments to form the sentences she wants to say to them and to please be patient with her. These items allowed her to travel with less worry.

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My husband had a stroke and also suffers from aphasia. I suggest your family member carries a note stating she is a stroke survivor and has problems walking. I agree when flying, request a wheelchair be used to take her to the gate and assistance into the airplane. Upon arrival they will also have a wheelchair ready to take here to baggage area. My husband carries the note with him, and it has been very helpful making others understand and we are pleased at how often people understand and are helpful.

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Ops that was supposed to be talking not walking

Hi I just recently flew to Co. with my child who has Autism and other disabilities, i had sent a topic on traveling with disabilities its called DPNA codes also if you have facebook look up Khalid Al Ameri its really educational FYI she ( my child) is also intellectual delayed. long story short check you Airline and ask what they have for those who need help with communicating and mention the DPN code if they dont know about it ask for a person who know about code for those with disabilities I hope this helps FYI they’ll give her an assistant that will take her all the way to the plain and shell get another at her landing point or a family can get a non passenger pass to go and actually meet her at the gate .