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In preparation for upcoming holiday travel, what are some strategies for communicating with others about your mobility and accessibility needs?


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When going some place I have not gone before, I call the hotel ahead of time. It makes it aside to make sure my needs are met. I try to communicate with a hotel manager if possible. Even though this only works about half the time, it gives me the ability to help solve problems if my needs are not met.

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Hi Lisa,

When you mean others, I’m guessing you mean that you’ve booked your travel through. If so, I’d be sure that you know who manages or handles ADA Accessibility at that organization and make sure you email them as much as possible all questions and concerns. Make sure they are aware of your needs or the individual traveling, in advance and that they are prepared to accommodate in accommodations or modifications. Nothing is worse than arriving and things aren’t readily accessible. We cannot assume they’ll have availability upon arrival, even if they have someone else booked in an accessible room, it’s harder to make a request for them to change last minute or once they sell out and holiday travel tends to sell out fast!