Shore excursions in Turks and Caicos

We’re going on a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean and looking for shore excursions for people who use scooters and can only walk briefly. Ports are Turls and Caicos, San Juan, PR, and St. Thomas. Have you been or have suggestions? Thanks.


I have been to San Juan. If you can walk a few feet and walk onto a bus at the end of the pier, i highly duggest the best of san Juan. About 3 hours long. You can leave your scooter with security at end of pier.

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Hello, my name is Deborah Clark and I would be interested in going on excursions in Turk and Caicos. Unfortunately at this time I could travel, but would be interested in going in the future. Can you keep me posted. I am currently in a wheelchair but have a traveling scooter.
Thank you

Have you checked with the cruise line? Usually there is at least one excursion available that is considered “handicapped accessible”… I know when we cruise with Celebrity we can search the available excursions and filter by “accessible” and something pops up. Celebrity also has a disability access office that helps arrange shore excursions that are accessible… I think most major cruise lines have a similar service

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Thanks, Matthew. Is the Beat of San Juan a ship excursion or is it sold by an outside vendor? Who did you use? Is there a lot of walking on the tour?

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Thanks for your suggestions. We’re going on Holland America.

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Just went to the Eastern Carribean with Princess. St Thomas had a bus tour with an accessible bus with a lift that took you up to the mountaintop where you could see many of the Virgin Islands from above. Short but nice. My advice is book early with the cruise line with their wheelchair accessible excursions as they sell out. Only a few on our bus used wheelchairs due to limited room.

Ship excursion. I did only a few steps of walking. It is at your discretion. It had rained pulling into port so not risking a fall i stayed on the bus

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I have traveled a lot by cruise
I guess it depends on the line
Princess is really good you can check and read in detail the excursions offered so you can decide
Also they may have partnership with local tourist office
Find out through them first

Who did the bus tour on Saint Thomas? Was it through the cruise line or was it separate? I’m headed there in April.

Grand Turk is primarily a beach and bar spot they have a big margaritaville there as well as the typical cruise shops tgst aree at most cruise ports. They have awesome scuba diving there. Never been there Oona a motorized chair before but I always think of it as a pretty desolate port

San Juan you can drive your scooter through most of old San Juan but be prepared for cobblestone roads and sidewalks thst are not the most scooter friendly

We go back to both of those ports in two weeks

I have been to the Caribbean many times with my scooter but not to those particular locations. I always find the Excursions Desk on my cruise ship to have tte best knowledge and info about the various excursions available at each docking. I always travel Holland America and I have never been steered wrong in my many cruises.

Hello! I have been to San Juan, Puerto Rico, and they have a couple of historic forts, I believe fort Cristobal and another one that are actually considered national historic sites. If you have your national access pass, you can get in there for free. Also, El Yunque rainforest is a national forest and has wheelchair accessible displays. It is really beautiful. It is the only tropical rainforest managed by national forest service.

I appreciate your response. The forts in San Juan are not accessible and require a huge amount of walking. One has a big hill just to get to the door.
The rain forest is beautiful but the only thing to do there is to take hiking paths. :cry:

I went there using my manual chair in 2015, and had no issues with any of the places I mentioned. I visited these places myself. The forts even have elevators. And the rainforest visitor center is large, and has ramps and great views. My friend, help me up one of the steep fort ramps, originally designed for cannons. other than that, I could go on my own using my manual wheelchair in these places. I cannot walk at all.

Bus tour was through Princess Cruises but they probably have the same tour for other lines.

In case it helps, here is a published article on wheelchair accessible Puerto Rico


Great! Thanks.

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Hello, and thanks for the question. We just got back from Turks and Caicos‘s, ClubMed. It is somewhat handicap accessible, but you would definitely need a scooter to get around on the concrete walkways. The main center of the club is a tremendous building where the bar and restaurants and shops are accessible on a scooter.or wheelchair. Puerto Rico is accessible down by the boats to go into that area and up the streets to go visit the shops with a scooter. I don’t know if you’re talking about a three or 4 foot electric scooter, and if you’re bringing that with you on the boat. I have brought my scooter on several. cruises and it worked out quite well. Puerto Rico is beautiful but you’re only in the Port area usually for a day or overnight. Not sure if you wanted to do excursions, most areas in Puerto Rico are not handicap accessible… streets are uneven, sidewalks are cracked up one missing pavers, leaving it difficult to manage.
Returning to the Turks and Caicos‘s question, if you’re arriving by Cruise Ship, you dock on opposite side of the island, which I believe is called the downtown area. Speaking with a lot of the staff here, it’s not the best area, touristy and extremely expensive in the gift shops. It’s one of the most expensive Islands I have been to in a long time. If you’re staying on a cruise ship, you should speak to the cruise line, concierge, or your excursion Director to see what’s available and how accessible it is. A lot of these countries do not have handicap vans with a ramp so you can drive your scooter into the van. Good luck in your endeavors.