Six Romantic and Accessible Getaways

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Have you been to any of these destinations or hotels? What cities would you add to this list?


Hi Miriam,
How are you? Happy new years. I wasn’t sure if you were asking in general about the list or looking for responses. Wanted to suggest one and vote against one on current list.
We have found St. Martin to be our secret accessible holiday spot. Beyond zip lining, I have been able to participate in everything; go anywhere, and have had so many incredible moments of kindness with help from strangers, that I would literally move there if we could use our Medicare there. Would be happy to write up an official blurb if you want?
Also, can’t agree about Savanah. I lived there for a year and was miserable because 95% of the town is inaccessible. To many old buildings, owned by lawyers who fight you to make Ada adoptions.

Be well and talk soon,

Ps. If you need any volunteer help with website, would love to help. Finding myself with a lot of free time now that covid online activities have ended. And you know how much I love traveling.

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Hey Russell, great to hear from you! First of all, thank you for the feedback about this article! The author is herself a wheelchair user so this was based on her personal experiences, but I completely understand that you did not experience the same thing and that it was not very accessible…
A blurb about St Martin would be awesome! And we’d love your help with accessibleGO, I will be in touch by email.
Many thanks!