Snow covered vehicle cleaning?


Just wondering how the more experienced wheelchair users manage to clean off their vans in the snowy cities. I use a powerchair and have a hard time cleaning off the van when is snows. Using an extended snowbrush (50in) makes it possible but still not easy. If your stuck cleaning off your van without help is there an easy way, and what about ice covered windows? Ideas?


I have a very mild mobility impairment and do not use any special equipment yet.

I have one of these protector things. It just may not be as possible either. The one with the bungie to the tire works best.

there is always this option, but I can’t honestly imagine how you could do it.

One thing I do use is a back scratcher made of bamboo. I use it as a p

usher and because the "fingers’ curve, I can reach it, and the little carved hand grabs many things. It gives me 15 more inches to push or pull stuff.

You can get a remote starter so by the time you get yourself ready to roll out the door, the windshields warmers have done their job. Keep in mind, last year Atlanta broke a 100 year snowfall record of 13 inches! You likely have more.

On snowy days have a rent a plow guy come by and not just plow but help you get you cover off.

Best of luck.

Joann in West Georgia