Solo Travel Recommendations

From a community member:

Transportation, transportation, transportation. I feel so alone. I have no control over my own life and can’t go anywhere alone. Do you have recommendations for solo travel or places I could travel alone without a caregiver?

Where do you live? can you get around without help? do you use a wheel chair, electric or scooter can you walk. how do you like to travel? car, bus, train, airplane?

We love cruising. You only have to unpack once and the ship takes you to different places. The cruise line is very good with handicapped people.

I find cruising very comfortable, fun and safe for a handicapped solo traveler. They handle my luggage from the curb at the entrance where we embark to my cabin. Room steward very helpful lifting my suitcase onto a table or extra bed. The cabin always have a second twin bed so I just leave my suitcase on that bed for the whole cruise and get my clothes and accessories out from there. Get coffe and breakfast in my cabin at no charge. Use my walker with seat or electric scooter to do what ever I want during the cruise. I often don’t get off the ship at the ports but when I do I find it easy and safe to go by myself for the day. Disembarking is easy. They pick up your luggage from outside the cabin door. I have my room steward to place it outside my door and I don’t see it again until we arrive at the holding area in the port building. There are baggage handlers who will help you find your luggage and take it to the curb for a small tip. My recommendation is go solo and enjoy yourself.

I can also recommend going on Amtrak using your walk, wheelchair or seated walker. I done that from Harrisburg, PA to Philadelphia, from Harrisburg to Newark Airport, and outside DC to Orlando Florida. Amtrak were very helpful making the reservation, checking in, during the boarding and exiting process. It was fun and exciting seeing the scenery.

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The Cruising industry is the most accommodating , no other industry even trys to make it easier they only do what they have to by law .


When taking Amtrak do they have Ramps to get on and off the trains?