Spring Break Ideas

Where is everyone headed for Spring Break this year?! :dolphin: :hibiscus: :sunflower: :seedling: :cactus: :ocean:

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Hi , we my family and I don’t really go anywhere fir spring break too much drama, ( party crowds, drinking and getting drunk) We took our daughter to get her medical procedure done at the hospital then we stayed in at hotel and she was content with just staying at the hotel and driving around. In Houston Texas

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I’m headed to Turkey! Have never been, hoping for good weather :pray:

Hey everyone. It’s Pinky, one of your Forum Moderator’s. :woman_in_manual_wheelchair: We went to Curacao for our spring break and had an incredible time. In fact, turns out there are so many accessible activities on the island; that there is no way I could share them all in a single post. So, keep an eye out starting this week as I will be starting my series on “Accessible Vacations in the Caribbean”. :thong_sandal:Have so much to share with everyone and so excited to show you all why I call the Caribbean my first home (and my place in Philadelphia just somewhere I make travel bookings from…lol).
Want to hear where everyone else goes and what type of activities you find when you travel? If you’re like me, your probably sick of the bus tours that we typically are offered as the only accessible activity when on vacation and want to learn about more “active” things we can do? (Not knocking tours; but hate the assumption that’s all we are capable of doing).

Have a great trip. :flight_departure:

Keep on traveling everyone; It’s our world too! :wheelchair: :earth_americas:

-Russell :kissing_heart:

PS. I just noticed JetBlue had some INCREDIBLE prices for April and May still to warm beaches. :beach_umbrella: