Suggestions for traveling with aides

From a community member:

Do you recommend bringing your own aide or getting an aide from the area you are going to?


Depends on help and location

it’s a toss-up between paying twice the travel expenses for bringing along your own personal and experience aide versus hiring someone locally at the cost of getting someone hp may end up being unreliable or inexperienced …

I travel with my CNA . She knows me best and I have enough anxiety traveling. I can no longer fly so I travel by car. My CNA drives me. I can no longer walk more than 3 or 4 steps. I always move then stop my electric wheelchair so that I can hold onto something firm to aid my balance. My CNA automatically holds my gait belt and gives me specific directions on which way to turn etc.
I’m lucky to have her. My extra cost is for a separate bed area to give her privacy but allows her to hear me if I need assistance at night.

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How would one obtain an aid while traveling? My aid provides wound care. It would be nice to travel just with my husband, but be assured of getting the wound care I need.

It depends what you need. I’ve taken my wheelchair, rollator and cane before!

I have always brought my own aide or have been helped by a family member. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to get an aide in an unfamiliar place. It takes a while to get a new aide trained to my schedule so I feel like I’d spend lots of my vacation time training. I look forward to hearing other people’s experiences.

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