Suggestions for trips with minimal walking

From a community member:

I have multiple sclerosis and although I am able to walk if the distance is not far it makes traveling hard on me. Any help would be great.

Get a rollator or scooter. Unfortunately both are limited as to where they go. Can’t do stairs or sand. Scooters are power driven and rollators you can hold onto and walk. If tired you can sit on the seat.

I would suggest cruising and renting a scooter for use on the ship. You get to visit multiple places and only have to unpack once! I would suggest Alaska as a destination because it is in the USA there are more accessible activities at the ports then if you go to the Caribbean


Being able to take a few steps makes it much easier to travel almost anywhere. It is often that one or two steps up a door stoop that gets me.

Cruising was easiest for me. If you want to see Europe they have some very well priced cruises during “repositioning” seasons. April/May and Oct/Nov mostly. We did one a few years ago and it made the learning to deal with the transition in my mobility easier to cope with. A rental scooter on board/or your own would have been better.

Now we are more navigating the world of full time wheelchair travel.

My Mother lived with MS for over 40 years. This was when there were no medications to help at all. Her one big thing was that she stayed on her feet as long as possible. She was relentless about it. Her and my Dad camped, then RV’d for all of those years.

Make sure to rest when you need to and don’t be afraid of asking for help.
Have fun!


I also have MS and use a rollator all the time. One that I have is able to convert to a transport chair that my husband can push if I get too tired. The regular rollators are not safe to use as a chair when moving. I agree with the cruise ideas and the renting of a scooter, but there are also foldable electric wheelchairs now.

A lightweight foldable electric chair has allowed my husband to go many places his manual wheelchair would not. Ours is a ranger and it has been great for trips. We remove joystick when we fly and have had no problems.