Taking on a walker on a plane trip

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I need to bring a walker for airplane trip. Can I check it in with my luggage? Has anyone traveled with a walker who could explain how it works with the airline? Thanks!

I have taken my walker several times on plane trips. You can check it and use the wheelchair services available to get to the plane or go to the plane and they will load it last and have it in the companion way when you deplane. Just don’t rush
to be in the first people off. When you turn it over to them at the planes door they will give you a ticket. It has not happened to me but I have seen the condition of a walker that was checked. It was missing a wheel and the frame was bent to hell. What
I do is take the wheelchair and my walker to the plane as there are not always seats available in the lounge. Also they line you up to wait, so my walker allows me to sit. The gate agents give me the baggage ticket for the walker as I wait.

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They will usually get a wheelchair for you. You can bring your walker to the gate and they will check it in there.

As they have said in these two replies. I have taken both my powerchair and walkers. Each airline is different. Talk to them before your flight. Don’t let it ever stop you from traveling. In my opinion :sunglasses:

I. Would think that your walker would be a carry on, might I suggest that you contact the airline directly

I travel with my walker all the time. I usually gate-check it, instead of checking it with my luggage. That way I can put my purse and carry-on bag on the walker’s seat and just push it. Then I check it in right at the plane’s door. They bring it out to me at the each stop. Easy and convenient.

Yes, you can check it at no cost. You can check it at the ticket counter or at the gate and retrieve it at the gate upon arrival or in baggage claim. Make sure to check in at least an hour before your flight departure time.


If you’re traveling on a larger plane, the flight attendants might put it in a closet for you or you might be able to tuck it into an overhead bin. On a smaller plane, you’ll most likely have to gate check it. Check with the airline to confirm, then check again with the gate agent when you arrive for the flight.

I travel with a walker. The first time I checked it with the luggage but had a hard time finding it so now I take it to the entrance to the plane, the airline staff take it from there and when the plane lands the walker is returned to me where I exit the plane.

Hope this is helpful.


I check my walker when I arrive at the plane and use my cane to board. I imagine that if you need the walker to board, they will accompany you to your seat and then take the walker after you are seated. You will get a luggage tag for your walker since it gets checked (free). When you get to your destination, they will have the walker for you at the front of the plane. You’ll have to ask them the arrangement if you’re unable to walk to the front of the plane without the walker.

I hope that this is helpful.

Yes! You may either check it at the ticket counter w your other luggage, or it can be gate-checked as you board the plane. It does not require any bag fees either way. I usually check mine w luggage, then use an airport wheelchair service (free but should tip) to and from the gate. It can be a looooong walk to the plane…good luck!

Sue Volek

No problem. You can take it to the door to the plane of you want or check it. The airline will.want it tagged like luggage. No charge for checking mobility equipment.


Yes, I always travel with my walker. Just arrange for a wheelchair assist to the plane and off. They usually take my walker and put it on the plane. Then when you arrive, someone will push you to the luggage belt and retrieve your luggage and walker. You can also preboard the plane, but you’ll have to wait for others to disembark before you and then the wheelchair will arrive to take you to your luggage. No rush. Enjoy!

Hi, I travel with my Rollator. I get a gate-check tag when I get to the gate. I use the walker all the way to the plane door and then it is folded and left just outside the plane door where it is picked up and stored under the plane. When I arrive, it is waiting just outside the plane door as I step off the plane. I am able to use a cane to walk from the Plane door to my seat.