Taxis, Ubers, trunk space, and folding wheelchairs


My wife normally only uses a wheelchair provided by airports to get to gates, but she’s recovering from extensive foot and ankle surgery and it’s clear now that we need to bring both her folding wheelchair and her rollator with us for a trip we’ll be taking in a few weeks.

We will need transportation from the airport to the hotel, and we don’t have a clear sense as to whether a typical taxi or Uber has the space to put a standard-size folding wheelchair in the trunk. We’re particularly concerned because we’ll have the two of us, two rolling bags, the wheelchair, and a rollator.

Anyone typically travel with this amount of stuff, and have any suggestions for us?

In case it matters, we’ll be in Birmingham, AL.


Order an Uber XL and you will be guranteed everything will fit


My wife and I are missionaries, but she travels more than I do. But in the airport we always request help when we/she travels when we purchase the tickets. We typically stay somewhere that offers shuttles to and from the hotel or inn. We have never used Uber, but I know with a cab you can contact one you will be using ahead of time and request a vehicle to accommodate your luggage. Sometimes we travel with 4-6 XL bags, two carry ones, two backpacks and a bag for devices. If they know ahead of time most will accommodate you. Some may charge a little extra fee, but we mostly just give a generous tip and get the same taxi driver when we leave. Some will let you call them directly if your good to them.

I hope this helps…

God Bless



You can get an UberXL and specify that you have a wheelchair, rollator and baggage. The XLs are usually bigger and you can choose from the available vehicles. I’ve done this more than once in a few cities with good results. Sometimes you have to wait a while longer but it’s worth it. Most taxis have enough trunk space but they arent nearly as friendly as Uber drivers.


Let them know you need handicapped transportation. It may cost more. They will send appropriate transportation if able.


Having used Uber recently I noted there was no place on their app to indicate any handicap needs. I did see a note they were working on doing sonething about that. I am usually the only one with rollator and/or cane and walker so I have only used a preordered van that was handicapped accessible. It had a lift in the rear for the rollator. I am not sure what might be available on tt6e Birmingham area as I gave driven there and have flown into there but did not have rollator at the time. If you are staying in a hotel check with the concierge at the hotel. On my last trip to NYC since traveling with a group I didn’t want to drag my rollator with me so called the concierge and was able go arrange for a rollator to be delivered to the hotel for use during my stay. I am sure tte hotel’s concierge has info on accessible transportation.


YOU can check the limo when i went to florida or u can ask them if they have a large car to pick u, or the taxi company


Why should it cost more?? Is that the price you pay for being disabled?
Id contact an attorney if it happened to me.