Terrible experience at LAX


Although we read up all we could in anticipation for clearing TSA, nothing could have prepared us for the experience we had in LAX (our first in the states… fortunately we have realized other airports are better)
I use a wheelchair but can walk short distances with a cane. So when we got.to the checkpoint I removed my shoes as asked, then walked through the scanner. That was fine, we had anticipated the short walk with no assistance. However what we did not anticipate was that I would be left waiting on tiles in socks for 10+ minutes without my cane or wheelchair. My husband had to be rescanned and no staff offered assistance or a chair. I was also yelled at to remove my bags off the conveyer belt even though I was struggling to just remain upright.
I have written a complaint email but feel people should be aware that this could be an issue for others

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That’s so strange and unfortunate. In the airports we’ve been to, there’s always been a bench or at least chairs placed on the exit side of the scanners. These are important, not just for people like my wife who can’t stand for long periods of time, like you, but even for the able-bodied passengers who need to put their shoes back on, or keep their kids seated in one place, or otherwise organize their luggage, etc.

Can’t believe they had no chairs.

Here’s the TSA complaint form, if you’re so inclined:


Depending on how often you fly applying for a TSA pre check eliminates,or should eliminate removal of shoes,jackets etc. Instead they test my wheelchair with wipings for tracings of bomb materials,pat me down(some TSA more invasive then others be sure to inform them of physical limits in movement etc) I have been “forced to stand” so wheelchair can be torn apart or just swabbed my chair and hands…You can ask for private screening but I am concerned if off in room alone or inconvienced TSA people will they go above and beyond…As with everything in life there is variation as is the case with TSA “pat downs” Ft. Lauderdale airport has been the worst for me where LAX wasnt bad in November 2018.I got the TSA pre check costs 85 dollars and good for 5 years and suppose to allow clothes to stay on(jackets,sweat shirt etc) as well as shoes. Check online where your closest TSA pre check office is located.(mine was an hour away but I live in a remote area in Maryland) The whole process took 15 minutes as appointments are given. Did get wheelchair arm rest loosened and few new scratches on chair which is why I will only travel with manual chair and then rent power scooter for cruises or hotel stay. Also I arrange for wheelchair assist from check in to the gate and if asked will return to take you to rest room prior to flight.I have limited arm strength and mobility so any of my activities are usually done with electric chair.

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Good advice
Also say u can’t walk 4 their purposes, put the cane thru the scanner and stay in chair.

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