The Grand Canyon is not for me

I’m a wheelchair voyager from Spain. I’ve been in Las Vegas three times and I,ve tried to visit the Grand Canyon two times, but my problem is that I don’t have a car. First time was twelve years ago and I thougfht that the problem with the transportation have been solved, but now, in XXI century, there’s any private company that offers a coach wiith accessible seats, they expected me I go up, I thought it was a joke.
Obviously, the Grand Canyon ls not for me

That is too bad. We went to the Grand Canyon a couple of years ago. My husband uses a manual wheelchair - cannot walk at all. We took a train from our hotel to the Grand Canyon and got a tour around the park (South side). There were issues with the trip but nothing related to wheelchair usage. The train and tour were part of a package with the hotel we were staying at.

Hi , I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon I’ve lived here in the U.S.A. all my 53 yrs . I never knew it wasn’t accessible for the handicap. Thanks for letting us know

We went to Las Vegas 2 years ago. We bought a Go card for Las Vegas. It had a bus tour of Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and various tour spots and activities. You have to call ahead of time to reserve handicap accessible coach/bus, they have a lift and an accessible place for you in your chair. With the Go card came free pass to the monorail, that will get you all over Las Vegas and is wheelchair accessible.

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I took my son to the Grand Canyon 4 years ago it was fabulous. We too the train in and then did the local Grand Canyon Bus. It was a great trip

Kimberly Coonis

We visited the Grand Canyon last year and didn’t find it and issue to visit the Canyon or restaurants. I am sure the there must be car serviced that could transport you. There were many wheelchairs all over the property.

Contact GREY LINE TOURS. Say our tour bus company that has tours that go to the Grand Canyon different places like that they also do a bus that goes to Laughlin first six hours they have the website I believe it’s Gray Line tours. Com check them out.