The Virginia Crossing Hotel Glen Allen Virginia


Loved the Virginia Crossing Hotel. My husband and I took a long awaited trip for our Anniversary. One thing you first notice is the scenery. Its is beautiful. The hotel is situated on a civil war battlefield. Check was in very fast. I don’t think we were there more than 5 min. Staff was so nice.
Accessibility was and issue. We parked next to our building but when trying to leave for a outing in the evening, we notice many vehicles driving around looking for parking. So at that point as we left the parking lot, we drove right back to our parking space, for fear of loosing our spot. Then decided to stay in and order pizza. We were supposed to have a handicap accessible room. But the only thing that could of made it handicap accessible was the bar in the shower. There was no bench for the shower, the toilet sat dead center in the middle of the bathroom so if there is issues with your legs there is nothing to lean on the get off the toilet. Everywhere you wanted to go was a very long walk from the Madison building where we were staying. Aside from that, our bed was very comfortable so much so that you didn’t want to get up. Breakfast buffet was very upscale with a Chef on hand . Overall I think the hotel needs to work on there accessibility.


Do they list the room as ADA accessible or just accessible? There is a big difference. I would file a complaint with the management of the hotel, after checking which they claim, ada or just accessible, and talk to them about how they can better serve the disabled needs.

IF it’s listed as ADA accessible, you need to inform the management and or owner of the hotel, as they can not claim it that way if it’s not. They can have a suit brought against them, and if it was listed as such and the manager or owner was not understanding to me in our convo I would file a complaint with the Department of Justice.