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I am on portable oxygen and I ride a mobility scooter. I do not want to give up going to the Broadway theatre. Any advice welcomed.

I have never been to Broadway, but I have been a season ticket holder for Broadway Across America since before I got hurt.

If you need to stay on your scooter make sure to buy an ADA seat. As for oxygen tell them when you buy your tickets. I find ordering by phone to be best unless you know the theater. They will know where to seat you with an oxygen tank.

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My husband and I both use rollators and often go to the theatre (i go to the movies too). Most of both have ADA seats. Or ushers that will escort you to your seats and then remove and return your transportation.

As was suggested it is best to check with the specific theatre for their criteria. They want your business as much as their able-bodied patrons’. I have found everyone to be very helpful and accommodating.

Best of luck to continue your love of the theatre as we hope to do!

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For [TICKETMASTER shows, you are usually encouraged to call the theater box office directly for tickets. You will see a “Request Accessible Seating” icon on the order page for each Broadway show – click on that link to get the appropriate phone number to call to make seating arrangements.

A few Broadway shows offer a ticket request form instead, which you can then fill out and wait for them to contact you with further details. There is also sometimes a little more accessibility info available if you click on the ‘Parking’ or ‘Directions’ links on the Broadway show’s ticket order page.

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My son works for a regional theatre in Charleston, SC. They are working hard to improve the accessibility for all disabilities. Definitely phone the box office, they will not only help you with seating, but give you tips on where to drop someone off, where to park, and talk to the usher that seats you, to get possible assistance to quickly navigate to accessible restroom during intermission.

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Hi MarthaMason11770, it’s Pinky :fairy: again; one of your Forum Moderator’s. Completely empathize with your concerns as I too am a Broadway Queen. So, I searched around the web to see what other discussions have occurred and what answers the theaters have come back with.

As for the Scooter, that’s not an issue for most Broadway theaters. But as our other members suggested, you may want to call the specific theater prior to purchasing your tickets to find out what ADA seats are available and how your scooter can get from entrance to seat for you. I’ve only ever run into issues with that in really old theaters that are typically off-Broadway. Some are in basements or old spaces that were designed way before ADA laws (and these places haven’t all run to upgrade themselves).

Now as for your Oxygen; that all depends on if you are speaking of the old fashioned oxygen tanks or a portable electronic oxygen machine which tends to make background noise? If you have the old style tanks, your all good; those things are practically silent. But… those portable machines can be an issue causing noise to distract your seat neighbors and sometimes the performers. I would also contact the theater about what there policies are if you brought one, only because there is a “fairness of enjoyment” expectation that is equal for all guests to be able to enjoy the show. Perhaps the theater’s ADA seat are in a Box or away from others and they are fine with the noise?

It seems to be a 50/50 debate online as some say it falls under the ADA law and others who say it’s not even considered in the laws and needs to be clarified. I will keep looking, but if there is something you really want to see, call the theater ASAP and find out when and if they can accomadate you in an ADA and guest(s) seat(s).

Please come back and tell us what ended up happening. I know I would definatly like to know and I’m sure we have some others on here who would be curious and are dying to see a show.

Have a Fabulous time,
Pinky :fairy: