Tiny homes, accessibility, and traveling


Hi, is anybody else here considering a tiny house/rv as way of keeping on the road, ending the struggle for accommodations by building or remodeling your own travel home? Any experience youd be willing to share about bathrooms and amenities in RVs, tinys, or parks?
Thank you in advance…


We had thought about a tiny house but then thought that I collect too much stuff. The problem with the tiny house would be me getting up the stairs. We’ve looked at trailers and like them a lot but then we looked at the price of a pick-up truck to pull the trailer we would like and that’s almost the same price. We’ve seen that the price of trailers and motor homes drop faster than cars when you buy them new and have seen a lot of great buys in the used market. We’re still trying to decide what we’re going to do when Jeanne retires because we’re in Texas and have four rentals back east. We really don’t want to get rid of them because we love the property and will still want to travel. We do have a thirty foot trailer sitting on an empty lot near some of the property in West Virginia for when we get there. So… we’re just indecisive.


Thank you for sharing whats going on for you about this topic. My architect has designed my tiny so that everything is super accessible. There is a loft, but im reserving it for storage or able bodied guests. Yeah, the stairs in tinys are definitely an issue