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Has anyone stayed at the Polynesian resort at Disney World? My husband has MS and is in a wheelchair. We need any tips for traveling via Southwest, shuttles to the resort, verification that the Polynesian resort has ADA rooms (roll in showers) and if there are any agencies there that assist with showering/dressing?
Thank you in advance for advice from seasoned travelers to Disney World,

Donna…we travel Southwest all the time, they are GREAT! When making reservation mark you need assist and bringing your own wheelchair. We keep hubby in his own wheelchair (do not check it at counter) because it is more comfortable then theirs. But, as soon as we get to airport I walk in and tell them I need assist. They get someone to push wheelchair and help with everything. Piece of cake going through security, although they do wipe down the whole chair. We have to do wheelchair to seat. So, when it’s time to load they take him first down to the plane door, THEY lift him into their “thin” chair, take him into plane and put him in his seat. We use to always sit in 2nd row with him in isle seat that way he could help use seat in front of him to get out. Since he can’t get himself up anymore we now always take 1st row. They do the reverse proceedures when you land. Oh, they will check his wheelchair at the plane door and it will be waiting for him with a helper when you land. FYI, we always use a bungie (or something like that) to secure that the wheelchair stays folded up. Last time we took the feetrest off and put them in overhead just to keep them from getting banged up. Helper stays with us all the way to curb when getting picked up. Hope this helps as far as Southwest…Diana

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Great info, thank you
We have a power chair and plan to take it with us. Anyone have experience with traveling with your power chair?

I never stayed at the Polynesian resort for overnight accommodations. Always visit for breakfast and wheeled around the grounds. If you want a flawless accessible stay with all the bells & whistles throughout your vacation? I highly recommend Dolphin and Swan Resort as my 1st choice. 2nd choice Contemporary resort. Both have spacious rooms with Roll in Showers.

Dolphin & Swan grounds are beautiful with access to the Boardwalk hotel which is a plus!! Just a short wheel and you got extra entertainment without the hustle & bustle of buses or vehicle accommodations. You also have access to all the resorts, buses, parks, You can take a boat ride over to Epcot from Dolphin. If you need to rent medical equipment such as a shower chair I have a # … I’m not sure about care giving helping with dressing.
I’ve stayed at plenty resorts in Disney. Along with their sister resorts on Lake Buena Vista Drive. (Down the street from Disney Springs ) Just a few more suggestions. If you book the dolphin and swan try to stay on the dolphin side.
If you book the contemporary try to stay in the towers. If you stick with the Polynesian definitely order tonga toast or the macadamia nut pineapple pancakes:)

Hi Dmc4him; it’s Pinky :fairy:, one of your Forum Moderator’s. When I saw your questions, I just had to do some research for you because that was my first Disney hotel as a child, and I still LOVE to this day (just can’t afford anymore…lol).

So lets start with the airline part, since I noticed you posted back about the power wheelchair on Southwest. That’s not going to be a problem, however it take a little bit more work to fly with then a manual wheelchair due to the battery and the fact they need a little extra time to securely pack the wheelchair under the plane. From Southwest:
" We recommend that Customers arrive at the airport no later than the recommended airport arrival time. If traveling with a power wheelchair, in the event that we need to prepare the wheelchair for stowage, we may ask that Customers relinquish his/her power wheelchair up to an hour in advance of departure. In this case, the Customer will be transferred to an airport wheelchair until boarding begins."
You also want to make sure to go the “Special Assistance Link” on the Southwest passenger website to fill out what your passenger travel needs are. If you are having issues with registering, I would defiantly give them a call 1-800-435-9792; sometimes if its very close to travel date, that option seems to disappear. This will also help take care of any of the airport/airplane wheelchair assistance for both your origination location and when you get to Orlando.
Now once you get there, there are dozens and dozens of options for accessible transportation as Orlando is quite used to us visitors on wheels. The one I wanted to recommend is Mears Transportation. They either have accessible taxi’s, shuttles and busses to choose from; so more than plenty of options to get to the resort. If you would like me to find more an ambulatory transportation type service, I am happy to check on that for you?
Now once at the Disney Polynesian Resort, you will have no problem with an Accessible room with a Roll-in Shower; If… you make your reservations PLENTY ahead of time, for when I checked online many different dates, the accessible rooms seem to always be sold out. Some of that has to do that the world’s Disney fans are still getting caught up on 2 years od missed Disney vacations, but also this resort has been popular since it opened and always sells out. When you go to book your room, you will see the option to search for Accessible rooms and can pick out the bed configuration to make you happiest.
There are plenty of visiting nurse organizations in Orlando, because c’mon… it’s Florida…lol. However, Disney has some help that might work better for you. Disney partners with AdventHealth for many of their medical related services and they might be the best place to start for getting some assistance while your there; so that way you can enjoy some of your vacation too and not just be “the caretaker”. You deserve a Disney break too.

Hoping this gets you started? Don’t worry, this will be a lot easier then most places to visit as Disney is very used to us visiting; let alone the whole town. I hope you have a Fabulous time and come back and tell us what you discovered while there? Let us live vicariously through you until we can visit Disney again too.

  • Keep on traveling everyone; It’s our world too! :wheelchair: :earth_americas:

  • -Pinky :fairy: :kissing_heart:

You’re amazing!
Thank you so much!
Our trip is in Oct 2023 so I’ll have plenty of time to prepare
Thank you again!!

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Hi Donna,
Your so welcome. I hope you have a Fabulous trip and I’m here for you if you need me.

Big Mickey Hugs,
Pinky :fairy: