Top 5 most accessible-friendly U.S. cities

I’m kind of a newbie, but I was wondering if your travels what is your top 5 most disability friendly cities in the National (please include the airports)

Top 5
New York City - jfk
Chicago - ord
Anaheim - LGB
Miami - MIA

Bottom 1 - Boston

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I have traveled to these places myself but the hotel i have referenced to no they do not have a hotel in these areas as of yet


Hi derekegarner, the five most disability friendly I would say are New York, New Jersey, Boston, Chicago and Seattle.

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Seattle was my favorite airport before my disability…hmmm

Las Vegas, Washington DC, Chicago, Minneapolis, San Francisco would be my top five accessible cities and airports.

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Washington DC, Salt Lake City, Boston, Walt Disney World, New York City
Washington DC because if you drive you can get handicap spots directly in front of some of the greatest money into this country or has an incredible public transportation disabled.
Salt Lake City is a small city easy to get around in with great public transportation and a good amount of disable parking. It’s a young city so the vast majority of the buildings are wheelchair compliant
Boston has great public transportation and a lot of attractions have been made accessible.
Walt Disney world. This is a city of itself due to its size. Public transportation is very reliable and the attractions within the park extremely accommodating for the disabled.
New York City it’s a very walkable (rollable) city with a very dependable bus system however it’s subway system needs major improvements for accessibility.


I like the thoroughness. Thank you.

Chiming in to say that Austin, TX should definitely be added to the list on wheelchair accessibility. :slight_smile:

While it’s lacking in public transportation, there is a fully accessible bus system, and there is plenty of parking throughout the city if you have a car. Mainly a driving city - as most of Texas is. All street parking - even non-handicap spots - are free. This is true for all of Texas.

The majority of Austin is new - built after the ADA, so I find getting around very accessible. If you stay downtown, you’ll be able to walk to a ton of things, almost all of which are accessible. There’s a few places that cater to disabilities when it comes to kayaking on the river, going on boats, etc.

Would recommend!

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I would concur, I lived in Austin for a sh

short time😬 sorry about the reply

Anaheim in closer to JohnWayne Airport in orange county