Tours FOR disabled groups (or other opportunities to hang with disabled folk)

I’m super interested in group tours specifically for folks with disabilities. Honestly, I’m just as interested in hanging with other traveling folks with disabilities as traveling. I’m thinking about the 2023 tour with Curb Free with Cory Lee – but would love to know if there are other alternatives. Heck, any opportunity to do that - even if not a tour – would be interesting!


I, too, am interested in accessible tours!

Interested in also. Specifically interested in group travel and accessibility for power wheelchair in Europe.

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There is a travel group out of Texas whose fiunder is disabled. They go everywhere. Check out their website They are also on Facebook; John Sage is their founder.

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Ops. The correct address is:

Sage Traveling - Accessible Travel Advice & Services

Spot on wrt power chair. Cory Lee is doing Barcelona in 2023 – He uses a heavy rehab chair (like yours truly) Welcome - Curb Free with Cory Lee: A Wheelchair Travel Blog

My husband is an amputee who uses a wheelchair. We enjoy cruising. We just did a 25 day cruise in Europe earlier this year. We had an amazing time. The accessible room on the ship worked well for us. There is entertainment on the ship. There was only one tender port that my husband could not get off at. There were accessible shuttles to take us to town. I researched accessible things to see at each port and the cruiseline offered some accessible tours. If you have never been on a cruise, you might want to try it

My husband just started using a motorized, collapsible wheelchair, and we will be taking it on a 7-day cruise in November. I’m anxious to see how that will go. But we would be interested in traveling and cruising with a group of mobility challenged individuals, but many of the opportunities I’ve seen online, including the one Curb-Free with Corey is planning for next summer are a bit too expensive for us as retirees on a fixed income. So we need a few years to save up before we can do something like that.

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I am interested as well. Would love to be vacationing and touring with other disabled people. That would be great.

Hi everyone, I am new to this website. My 21-year-old daughter is in a wheelchair and I am trying to find out if there are tourist sites in the US that would be great for a person using a wheelchair. I am not looking for Disney-type of locations, but rather natural wonders or city tours.

Our hope is to travel by car as opposed to a plane to the location. We just went to San Diego but I don’t think I explored it fully with her. Thanks for any ideas.

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I will love to join and explore with anyone interested in travelling meeting….I am trying to put together such activities and have sent a community message “Travel no Limits” inviting anyone to share, join, advice.
My name is Alex (Alexandra) I live in Atlanta GA, I have PPMS or SPMS (depending of Drs. Opinion), I use a motorized wheelchair and walker.
I will love to meet, travel with another disabled.
Thank you Alex

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I am also interested in such a group. I live near Ocala Florida. My husband and I use walkers and we’re in our 60s.


I’m very interested in joining a tour group as well. I use a rollator but I’m transitioning to a power chair. I’m nervous about traveling with it, but I don’t want my fear to stop me from doing so.