Tours in Yellowstone

From a community member:

What info do you have on tours to Yellowstone with someone using a walker. Around 2 weeks in length from MN.

I can drive there and then begin the tour. Thanks!

If you can drive there, do you really need a tour? I have found that keeping up with guide and hearing what they say is difficult. Yellowstone has many trails that are walker friendly and you can take your time and read the signs. There are trails at sold Faithful, Prismatic Springs. My favorite place is the Lamar Valley. Take a lawn chair and binoculars and watch the wildlife.
If you still want to look at tours, check out Caravan.

I went to Yellowstone a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it if you’re really going to see the park though there’s a lot of walking, if you could rent one of those portable scooters would be wonderful.

National Park tours for anyone need to be booked at least a year ahead of time. Tours for this summer are all full. The other consideration is the altitude. For many of us with disabilities, the altitude in Yellowstone can be disabling. Ask your doctor in advance for suggestions before you go.