Train Travel

From a community member:

I want to take a holiday / vacation and travel by train. Lots of sightseeing!! Any suggestions? Thank you!

In May my husband and I took the train from Michigan to Whitefish MT. I really enjoyed it. The food was excellent on the train. The people were fantastic. Whitefish was very nice. The only downside was I was confined to our cabin because the halls were too narrow for my chair. But I didn’t mind at all.

Ive been looking also im in wheelchair…lost a leg n i wanna go somewhere too please let me know what u find out??? I wanna go out west

You should check Amtrak.

Amtrak western states. It’s amazing going through the mountain valleys as trains don’t climb hills like the interstate system.

We took the Empire Builder from Chicago to Seattle. Best trip ever. We had a handicap room. The only down side was I could not go to the observation car because you had to climb stairs. But the staff was very helpful and it was a pleasure.