Transportation advice for electric wheelchair


Transportation with my electric wheelchair is my biggest issue. I live in Illinois and wanted to go to a family wedding in Missouri. I finally gave up trying when the costs were were reaching over $3000!


Don’t know how you were planning on traveling but I have flown even cross countrt both east coast to west coast and vice versa and I took both my electric scooter and my 4 wheeled rollator style walker and the airline shipped them as adaptive equipment at no charge. They provided me with a wheelchair and a sky cap to push it whenever I was at an airport. I don’t understand the $3000 figure for traveling; please explain.


Wisconsin has DIvision of Vocational Rehabilitation and they paid for a lift for my scooter. The social security office gave me their info as a resource. Maybe Illinois has something similar? They would need someone to help them if they can’t walk at all though to get the wheelchair on and off.

Jessie Benash


Thanks Jessie! Here’s the Illinois Dept. of Human Services website. I don’t see anything immediately about mobility help, but it may be part of a broader service / program.