Transportation for a medical scooter/ wheelchair around Dallas

From a community member:

I’m looking for a transportation service that can accommodate my medical scooter or a wheelchair in a suburb of Dallas. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Hi! This is what I have found.

Taxi companies within the City of Dallas do have wheelchair accessible, ramp-equipped taxis . But the situation is complicated. ADA taxis in Dallas are contracted out to the city’s paratransit service. This reduces – or eliminates – the ability to call an on-demand accessible cab. The ramp-equipped van is owned and operated by Yellow Cab, but has a DART logo sticker on the front fender.

The Dallas-based company Care Trips offers wheelchair accessible transportation to residents and tourists alike using Dodge Grand Caravan and Toyota Sienna vehicles. Each of the company’s 20 vans has a rear-entry wheelchair ramp and securement straps. The vans can accommodate 2 passengers in addition to the wheelchair user. The fare charged is a $35 base rate, plus $3.50 per mile.