Transportation from Chicago airport

From a member of our community:

Hello, I am going to be traveling to Chicago. I use a wheelchair and/or crutches. I do not have a ride from the airport to my destination where I am staying. Does anyone have recommendations?

Hi. We recently visited Chicago and Open Taxis was terrific. 1-855-WAV-1010. Enjoy your trip!

There is a van company that goes from the airport to major hotels. Not sure if I can give name and number here, but I used it last week with rollator and no problem.

Where is your destination? provides wheelchair-accessible service from either of the airports to local hotels. Contact the company in advance and request an accessible vehicle.

Also Open Taxi WAV (wheelchair accessible vehicle) taxi service (888-WAV-1010) is supposed to be excellent.

Enjoy your trip to “The Windy City”.

I can’t seem to get anyone who can help me I’m going Lincoln City Oregon July 23rd through July 31st can someone please help me find a handicap reservation downstairs non-smoking please

There may be many transportation services from the airport to hotels, but I can recommend you a website which can help you traveling anywhere in Chicago.