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Transportation from Orlando Airport to Port Canveral cruise port

We will be arriving at the Orlando airport on March 7th 2020 and we need transportation from the airport to hotels near the Port Canaveral cruise port. Since I travel with a scooter I need transportation with a lift. There will be 4 of us traveling together. Any and all suggestion will be appreciated.

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We have done the Disney cruises several times and Disney has transported us directly to the ship. Their buses are all equipped with lifts. Sounds like you are going on another cruise line. I would contact their customer service department and arrange with them for the services you need.

I have had good luck with Super Shuttle (https://www.supershuttle.com/). They have accessible vans and are usually reliable. Good luck and enjoy your trip.



Crusely.com has a disability section that has some good information

Should be Cruzely. com. Darn spell check…,

I’am sorry I cant help you i’am in Coram new york.

I have a similar question, Planning on arriving in Ft Lauderdale either on 10/31 or 11/1/2020 and need to figure out how to get to hotel or ship with my electric power wheelchair. Thanks for any thoughts.

Check with your hotel as some of them have transportation. Make sure they are aware you need to transport your scooter.

We just got back from Orlando. We didn’t go on a cruise but I have a scooter that I brought with. We made sure to rent a bigger SUV (Suburban) so we could all fit along with our luggage and my scooter.

Call the hotel you plan on staying at and see if they have a wheelchair van. Some places do …if not ask them who they would recommend

Thank you to everyone who took the time to reply. I appreciate your time and efforts.

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We had a similar situation in Fort Lauderdale in January. Yellow cab (954-565-2800) has taxi’s with lifts available for booking in advance .

What type of scooter do you have? There should be absolutely no problem finding transport. First check with the hotel to see if they have a free shuttle from airport. Whatever shuttle you use, they should all have lifts. I travel with my GoGo with no issues. I have even used Uber, being picked up with a Toyota Corolla. In that case, my scooter comes apart in four pieces and easily fits into the trunk. Of course, then luggage needs to be in back seat, but still no issues. Happy travels!

Thank you for your response and suggestions. Unfortunately, when my scooter is broken down the heaviest section weighs 78 pounds and is too heavy for my husband, who is a stroke survivor, to lift.

Hi, this is the best advice I’ve gotten about Florida transportation

That’s what I am planning to do in a few weeks. Did you do Disney parks?