Travel (flight) Concern

When booking a hotel room with accessilego, do they also book your flight to your destination; also how does one book? And can someone give me customer service phone number.

Go to curb free, Cory Facebook page. He explains everything you go to the accessible on the go page and book through that page.

Hi @kmfa52 - thank you for reaching out! We are planning on expanding in the future to include all aspects of the travel journey including ground transportation, flights, mobility scooter rentals, attractions, etc. At the moment, in addition to our community forum, we offer hotel bookings, travel inspiration, and accessibility resources.

For our platform, you search based on city or specific hotel name. You can filter the results by accessibility features. Once you choose the hotel you are interested and select the specific room type of interest, you then arrive at the booking page where you can enter all accessibility requests that you have.

Once you book, an accessibleGO team member will contact your hotel directly to confirm your accessibility requests can be accommodated. We will also be directly in touch with you to ensure that your needs are heard and met to the greatest possible extent. Please note: if your booking is made same-day, we may not be able to fulfill requests.

Feel free to contact me directly at (518) 635-3386. I’d be more than happy to help. You can also email us at

I believe they are not a travel agency, but a service to handicapped citizens. I would always want to make my own plane reservations.

Duly noted. Thank you :pray:.