Travel Ideas from Kansas?

From a community member:

We would love to go somewhere. But it seems very unsafe due to COVID and gas prices are so high. My husband is a wheelchair user and has a modified van. Flying is hard on him and causes me anxiety anyway. I don’t like driving his van. We live in Kansas. Any suggestions?

I live in Wichita, KS and have traveled in my modified van to Oklahoma City (bombing memorial, outlet mall, river boat tour, zoo, amphitheater concerts). KC KS for events at Union Station, concerts , shopping, sports, Midwest Abilities Expo, Lake event in Smithville, MO, ifly , snowskiing at Snow creek. Dallas, TX to see friend, galleria shopping, fine dining. San Antonio. TX- Riverwalk boat ride, Morgans Wonderland, the Alamo, Bubba Gump,. CORPUS CHRISTI Magee beach-just to sit in the ocean and on th beach. Austin, TX NIGHT life.
Colorado multiple times to Challenge Aspen for snowskiing. Tulsa, OK-concerts, brickwalk area.
Winfield, Olathe And Whitewater, KS- winerys. Hutchinson State Fair.
The list is endless just with treasures in KS…
Get out and see the states!

Hi, it’s Pinky :fairy:; one of your Forum Moderator’s. Just was reading your post and I totally empathize with you. Hate to admit this, but I spent my adolescence in the Kansas City area before fleeing; and one of the issues my family struggled with was the distance to everywhere else. We ended up spending a lot of time just doing local KC activities and then flying out when we wanted to visit family (back when KC was the Midwest hub for TWA, Brannif, Pan Am, etc…).
Can only imagine how difficult it is now to fly to anywhere now that they make you change flights so often when flying out of there? :man_in_motorized_wheelchair: :flight_arrival:

Is there any chance you can let me know where in Kansas your starting from? And how long can you handle driving the van? I’m happy to look for some shorter trips for you or maybe some safer activities closer to home. Just to be cautious as well, what is your daily limit for wheeling/pushing the chair around? Don’t want to send you to any activities that doesn’t match your energy comfort zone (I know how important that is when planning activities with a chair).

My apologies for taking so long to reach out and I would love to find you some fun things to do before the summer ends or the weather turns and makes wheelchair adventures a bit more tricky. Look forward to seeing if I help you two find some fun stuff to do.

Hang in there-
Pinky :fairy: