Travel on the Horizon - Any Suggestions?

From a community member:

I recently won VIP Tix to an event but due to them not being able to accommodate my disabling conditions and needs I had to give them away. I never got to go on any sort of fun trip, vacation or getaway since my rapidly progressing multiple Neuro diseases. I’m due to get my powerchair soon in hopes that will give me some freedoms and independence that will allow me to get out of the house and do fun, normal social things. Only problem is, not having friends, or family or finances to even do the simplest of things… 😔.

I’m trying to stay positive and am glad I found this group. My only hope before my illness worsens more or worse…is to be able to visit the Smithsonian museums or visit NYC or LA, and even I still at 38 have the dream of going to Disneyworld.

Stay positive! I have multiple problems and MS. Once I got a Mobility scooter, I had an entire new life. You can take power chairs and scooters on airplanes, most public transportation anymore and more and more places all the time are becoming ADA compliant.

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My wife and I made a deal to see all 50 states road tripping before our children graduate. We have done the lower 48 states in 10 years with CRPS eliminating my wife’s hiking abilities 8 years ago and COVID-19 messing up Hawaii plans in 2020. We have seen 100s of national parks, monuments, battlefields, historical places and I have come to understand one thing.

“It doesn’t matter where you are as much as who you are with.”

Shared memories are so precious. Life ain’t fair or easy. The struggles and tough times, make the good times worthwhile.

Never stop dreaming. Happiness is a choice, not a destination.

Life is short, plan to make the best experience you can for yourself and those you meet. Bringing joy to others, will bring joy and happiness to yourself.

Everyone has shortcomings to overcome; some physical, some mental, some emotional and some a combination of all. Your choice to be positive in the face of obstacles will bring good Karma your way when you least expect.

There are so many things to experience in life. Turning dreams into goals starts with planning. Every great journey starts with a first step. Be brave enough to take it.


I, too, don’t have any friends or family and limited finances so I can relate to the author of the original post. I would like to make friends in this group. My desire is to visit NYC.

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I would to offer my help… I am interested in meeting and sharing travels plans…I am located in Atlanta GA…
To those interested in connecting feel to reach me.
I will love to visit NYC and Chicago.
Thank you alex

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I have PPMS/SPMS wheelchair user…I understand the Limitations but I TRY to ignore them…(I fight with those A LOT)

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I live in Phoenix. I’m open to conversation with you.

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Yes sure…let’s talk share ideas…we can use this platform and communicate …not quite sure how really.

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Stay positive. Your chair will open many places for you. I haven’t been to Disneyland since 60’s but I am a frequent visitor to Disney World. I can say the place is very friendly to the physically disabled. I was using a mobility scooter on my last 2 visits and the stafd could not have been more accommodating. Every ride my family and I visited they offered to stop the ride if I needed them to do so. Gir example: the large globe at Epcot they took us in the back way. Every time they asked me how many in my party and they incjyded ny daughter and her family with me. If a ride began 1 place but ended another they had my scooter waiting. If it required us to vkimb onto a pkace such as a train or bus or even the monorail they had a ramp ready for my use. Restaurants were also accessible. I have read that done oeople decided that since the disabled got such goid attention they actualky rented wheelchairs, etc., in order to get to the front of the line so Disney has made some changes. I have not been there since those changes were made so I cannot comment on those differences.
I have also visited NYC since being disabled. Rather than take my scooter I called tte hotel’s concierge sbd git the phone number for renting a scooter which was delivered to and picked up from my hotel’s bellstamd. I had excellent assistance at Radio City. A young woman who helped usher, etc., actually led me to the elevator and more or less commanderred one to take me down to the restroom. When we arrived she turned me over to the restroom atrendent to getvme ibto a handicapped stall quite fast. Once I had used the restroom and washed and dried my hands she was waiting to run interference for me to return to my seat. When I tried to tip her she refused. The Broadway theaters we visited were accessible and in one case an usher took me to the floor right behind the front orchestra section where I wss given a comfortable wingback chair to use during the play. I cannot comment on LA as I have not been there since before my disability.
Good Luck!

As every says, don’t give up hope. I am from NEW YORK, I can tell you that it is the land of ADA. Lived on Long Island but had residence in Manhattan with my wife. Being disabled and using a scooter for ttransportation has mase getting around wonderful. Research online Hotels in mid town for their handicap-cap information. IE: room size, elevators bathrooms, if they are fully compliant, many are. Buses have lifts, subways yes but hit or miss on elevators and if there working. Any clue where you want to go. NYS PARKS ARE PRETTY Good. Check their website There is so much out there waiting to be discovered. Enjoy it