Travel Power Chair Rental

From a community member:

I am looking to rent a travel power chair for a weekend. Any suggestions where I can rent one?

I live in Monmouth County New Jersey.

I googled mobility rentals near Monmouth County, NJ and came up with a list of places. Try that.

If you are staying at a hotel try their concierge. I called the one at my hotel in NYC and got info on renting a mobility scooter. It was delivered to my hotel and picked up there after my stay. Other suggestion is to use Google for the area

Check with your town/city hall, local churches, and fire dept. They may have a “loan closet” that is available at no charge. Otherwise, check local mobility stores to possibly rent.


Hiyyyyyyyeeeeee, It’s Pinky :fairy:; one of your Forum moderator’s and fellow New Jerseyite. :crystal_ball:

This one is an easy one for where you want to rent. Mobility on Wheels will bring it out you, set it up, and come back for it when you’re done. You can even reserve online. They carry everything from power chairs to beach wheelchairs, to all-terrain Trac-wheelchairs that go EVERYWHERE. (I want to rent one just for fun).

Let me know if this doesn’t work for you and can find you another vendor. Just don’t wait too long to book. Inventory can never be guaranteed with these places because some renters just continue to extend the rentals they already have and make it impossible for anyone to even reserve the vehicle. (I know, I know… I’m cursing at them too right now…lol)

Have a fantastic weekend!
-Pinky :fairy: