Travel recommendations (with Hoyer-compatible beds) within 300 miles of New York City

I am an active middle-aged man who is functionally a quadriplegic due to a neuromuscular disability. Largely due to past difficulties locating a hotel that meets my needs, I haven’t traveled in quite a while. I’m looking for a short getaway within about 300 miles driving distance of my home in New Jersey about 20 miles from Manhattan. The only time I can really do the trip is around the first week of August.

By far my biggest accessibility challenge is finding a bed that has underneath for me to use my Hoyer lift. I will be traveling with an attendant and at least one friend, so things like light switch positions are not important. Since I use bed baths and bedpans, bathroom accessibility is really not important either. My wheelchair is fairly big, but still barely within measurement requirements for a standard wheelchair under the Americans with Disabilities Act. I would definitely need to be able to get into my room (and hopefully other public spaces) without stairs, though I may be able to bring a portable ramp if there was an otherwise great option with a step or two. I have my own van, so I don’t need to worry about transportation.

Does anyone have any good getaway recommendations for places like Upstate New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, DC, Maryland, or Virginia? The problem is that I’m working on very short notice so it may be difficult to find vacancies that are not outrageously expensive. I’m open to a vacation rental or to a hotel.

Thanks so much, in advance, for all of your suggestions!

Have you thought about a Vacation rental through a website like Vrbo? You can filter a search by wheelchair access and since these are usually houses or condos they have “normal” beds that are open underneath.
You can always contact the rental representative with specific questions.
I have used Vrbo in the past (manual wheelchair user) and have found that it worked well


Hello Daniel, Chatham Bars Inn in Chatham mass Cape Code. Even has a Zero entry pool. They may have a beach wheelchair. The grounds are paths that my scooter has no problem with. But most of all, they are there to help. Make your stay just perfect.


Hi Daniel. Have you been to Bucks County, PA? Just north of Philadelphia along the scenic Delaware River, there are hundreds of entertaining, historical, cultural activities, covered bridges, etc.especially in Central Bucks and it’s only a short trip from NJ.

There are many BnBs that are charming and MAY be accessible but also there are well known national hotel chains represented. Im not familiar with your type of bed…

Wherever you go…enjoy!

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Wow that sounds really nice when hotels strive to accommodate you! Thank you for sharing.

And it is absolutely beautiful!!! I used to live in RI and went to the Cape frequently and know the Chatham Bars in very well