Travel Suggestions Appreciated!

From a community member:

My husband had a stroke several years ago. Right side compromised, some aphasia and in a wheelchair, I am his FT caregiver. Since covid, we have taken short local staycations. Right now, he is low on energy. Hopefully, he will feel more like a fun trip again. I’d like to be able to show him what you can do to build more confidence. Any suggestions?

Good morning. Is your husband’s confidence lacking because he feels like he can’t travel or he is burdening you to be his fulltime caregiver? I think back to when I became handicapped and needed my Mom to be my fulltime caregiver until she died. I felt so guilty not being able to do for myself. I had always been a very independent woman raising two children myself and a professional career that was in a predominantly male field. After my Mom’s death I had to make some hard decisions about myself and situation. I recommend you plan a weekend away where you both sit down and have a serious discussion about he feels about his new lifestyle and what he wants to do during the rest of his life. You need to listen and write down a few goals that he wants to accomplish over the next year. If he is depressed about his current lifestyle then discuss what he and you can do to make those changes possible. I found that getting a personal trainer and a gym membership made me leave the house 3 times a week for an hour or more. It made my body stronger and changed my feelings/mental attitude of not being independent and made me realize I could still be independent regardless of my new handicaps. Made me realize I wanted to travel to those bucket list places that I set during that time retrospect after my Mom’s death. He may also need to talk with a therapist if he is feeling depressed. Hope this helps in someway. If you would like to discuss this more let me know. Best wishes

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Your situation brings to mind many thoughts. As a person who has been through 30 operations and heavily depend on my wife for a lot of assistance due to my handicap needs I came to the conclusion that life goes on. With the help of a great therapist I was able to get my mind in a good place. Once that occured I was able to get my life in order. My thought, you wake up look at the blue skys and the green grass that’s half the battle. Good luck. Reach out for more conversation​:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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