Travel Tip (When Shower Has No Chair)


From a member of our community:

I’ve booked hotels and was told were ADA accessible but weren’t. There were no grab bars in the shower and the hotel didn’t have a loaner shower chair. After running to Walmart and Walgreens, we weren’t able to find something cheap enough to use just for the trip. When we got home, I saw lots of these step stools for less than $10 (some places have them cheaper). In a pinch, this would help me and it folds flat for easy car storage so I always have it in the car… just in case.


If you ever book a hotel room and your confirmation states ADA accessible, and the hotel then does not give you that room, go to the front desk and tell them they MUST provide what you reserved. If they do not have it available in their hotel they must send you to another hotel AT THEIR EXPENSE that matches your reservation. You only need to pay for what you reserved. If they try to charge you more you contact the hotel manager and/or owner, and they will make it right. If they don’t, they are in violation of the ADA and you can file a complaint against them.

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That happens all the time. Hotels lie!!! If this site wants to really help the ADA community, they should lobby for truth in hotel booking. The best way I am now handing and thus
managing hotel bookings is to call the hotel, pin them down on an ADA room and what features the room has and then have them email me the details. I just spent 6 nights traveling to Tucson from Michigan. I call to confirmed roll in showers and grab bars. I am 6 for 6. Prior to that system, I went 12 out of 14 nights with rooms that were hardly big enough to get the wheelchair into the bathroom. Just saying…


I haven’t ever seen this higher collapsible stool! You may well have solved a home concern for me! Thanks. Stools that high are wicked heavy and not practical for transport. Mouah!


What a great idea! I’ve never seen these and I need to pick one up. Thank you!

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How tall is this( I still think it’s too low to the floor especially if no grab bars are available) and is it weight rated. It usually will not due for a person over 250 lbs. I have seen these collapse under weight which ended up leaving the person on the floor with no way to get up. Sorry to be so negative.


If I sat down on one of those I would never be able to get up. Instead I use a carpet bath mat that I bought from Amazon. Or just wear a pair of swim shoes so you don’t slip


U r correct, we 2 have run into this, find calling hoel directly and getting name only resolution