Travel to Italy.

Looking to travel to Italy next September. I’m a manual wheelchair user and looking for a recommendation on travel agent companies in Europe that are experienced with accessibility.


I wd appreciate knowing that as well - thanks.

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I am also interested in European accessible travel services

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I guess there are many of us interested in accessible travel to Italy. I have read a lot about Sage Travel, a company specializing in accessible travel in Europe. I inquired recently about a group trip to Italy in April that they were planning. They said that they would send me the details as soon as they are finalized. I have never traveled with them yet but their reviews seem to all be good. You may want to contact them for more information. (


Helped me arrange accessible transportation in England and accessible tours in Norway… I believed they work throughout Europe

I’ve reached out to them twice with no response.

Thanks-I’ll check them out.

I’ve used Sage Traveling twice and they did a great job for me (use a manual wheelchair) and our group.

They seem good from their website, but not good when they won’t respond.

We just got back from Italy after 2 1/2 weeks I’ve traveled. We went up and down from Bari all the way up to Florence staying three nights in each area. I will tell you the handicap accessibility services are absolutely horrible. I even brought my three wheel scooter for travel and could not get anybody to transport it from location to location. There’s no such thing as handicap vans to transport you your scooter and your luggage. Their motto is, as told by many hotel personnel if you don’t like it you don’t have to come back. They have so much tourism it’s crazy. If you’re going to all the major sites in Rome, and Sorrento, and Florence etc. make sure you do your homework. The best thing we did do was rent a privately owned a condo in the room which was absolutely beautiful, handicap bathroom with a walk in huge shower stall, full kitchen living room bedroom and elevator to go between the lobby and the third floor. It was spacious and expensive and a lot easier than dealing with hotels. if you are planning to go to Rome would be more than happy to provide you with Salvador is contact information. In Florence we stayed at the 25 hour hotel, a chain operated in Europe. They had wonderful handicap rooms with a very big bathroom roll in shower. A little pricey but worth it. Most offer a wonderful free breakfast except for Private AirB&Bs. By all means reach out and ask any questions. As for travel agents, they promise you the world when you get to a location it’s not what they claim it has. Car service and Attley is very expensive, mass transportation very confusing and difficult. In the United States we have buses that lower with an extendable ramp to pick up your wheelchair or scooter. train stations in Italy in older areas are not handicapped accessible and there are no elevators to move you from level to level. Even in Rome when we went to the Vatican has nothing for handicap people. Pompeii on the other hand has a wonderful handicap walkway that goes to the main new building with elevators to the top floor to see the ruins. If you’re Rolling your own wheels on the wheelchair it will be very difficult to get around at many attractions.

Oh boy sounds like you had a bit of trouble. I have found a couple of booking companies that specialize in disabled travel in that area so I’ll engage with them and see what I find out.

Thank you for your input and feedback.

Limitless Travel has a fully accessible tour of Rome in May and a accessible culinary tour of Tuscany in July. They have other European tours as well

I’m going to Italy in May. There are two companies I have been dealing with - Bellaroma and Wheel the World. It’s not for the faint hearted!

I’d be interested in getting that info as well!