Travel to Japan

From a community member:

I am quadriplegic and sitting on a power wheelchair, would like to plan a trip to Japan on 2023, any help is appreciated.

Let us know how your trip goes. We are planning to go to Japan hopefully next spring. Covid has stopped us from visiting our daughter for so long! Our plan is to cruise over (14 days) and fly back. We’d fly into Narita airport, then take the Bullet train south. to meet our daughter. Husband travels in a power chair as well. The cruise and the train look accessible enough. The airline is sadly always iffy when it comes to checking the chair in. Last time we flew with it it was damaged (but repaired at the airline’s cost) Hubby needs crutches to walk short distances and they were stored in a closet instead of overhead. He had to ask for them when using the restroom. That was unusual. Typically they are at his beck and call. Staff will transfer you from your chair, to and from the aisle chair, to get you to and from your seat. Your power chair will have to be checked into the belly. See the restrictions on battery size. On board, there are on-board wheelchairs for you to use. Crew will assist you if you tell them how best to transfer you. Some of the larger planes have one accessible lavatory.