Travel Tuesday - Where are you headed?

Hi all! Emily here from accessibleGO :wave: :sparkles: :wheelchair:

As summer is in full swing, where is everyone headed this summer? Or where have you gone already?

I am headed to Chicago for the Fourth (pending some of the travel delays/cancellations), which I’m very excited about! One of my good friends lives there, so I’m staying with her. We don’t have any concrete plans quite yet, but I’m sure we’ll figure it out as we go.

And then at the end of the summer, I’m headed to Siesta Keys for a girls trip. I got a good deal on flights going Wednesday - Wednesday, so will be staying a few extra days to explore, wander, and spend some quality time at the beach. :slight_smile:

As Pinky always says, keep on traveling! It’s our world too! :earth_africa:

We are heading to California. My son, 18 has cognitive and mobility disabilities and we find California to be a place where we can do many things. We have discovered that most beach municipalities have beach wheelchairs you can use for free. This time it will be in Ventura but we have used them elsewhere. Just a simple phone call is all it takes. We will end our adventure at Disneyland. It has always been a favorite and we are excited to go back. They have a new system where we video called with a team member to get our disability pass set up. Always anxious when they change the system but it maybe the only place we go that doesn’t treat him as a second class citizen.


If all goes well, my husband and I will be traveling to Maui at the end of July!

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Where about in Ventura will you stay? I’m always looking for wheelchair access accommodation & hopefully beach access

Hi my name is kelly and ill be heading to North Carolina to see my brother in August and then again in december. I was hoping to find an airline that offers a discount to anyone on ssdi. If you know of any please let me know. Thanks

We are staying at a downtown hotel called the Clocktower Inn. It has wheelchair accommodations but not beach access. The beach wheelchair is handeled by the Harbor Patrol. Beach Wheelchairs - Ventura Harbor Patrol

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