Travel with service animal

I am finding that not all hotels list service animals allowed on their sites. The ADA allows for service animals in any hotel or accommodations so why is it listed on only some sites? I have had a few issues with trying to book a room and being told my service dog is not allowed. How do others with service dogs handle this issue. Thank you.

I suspect it’s because some people who may want to bring their pets to a hotel without paying the fee may lie and say it’s a service animal when it really isn’t. So hotels probably think it’s best not to mention it unless it’s brought up.

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It depends also on the country you are looking to travel to. In the US the hotels must allow service dogs, but in Mexico very few do. Many hotels do not list that service dogs allowed because every person with their precious pet would be claiming status. They expect you would call and ask. Some hotels have a set number of rooms they allow dogs in, so it’s always better to call ahead a reserve a room.

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I am looking at US only, I have always called ahead to say my service dog is coming. They cannot give you a “pet friendly room” however. I am allowed in any room just like anyone else per the ADA website information. Thank you for your answer. I appreciate it.

Probably true about them just not putting anything on the website due to the fakes. Thank you for the reply.