Traveling companion site

From a community member:

Do you know of a site that can pair you with a traveling companion? I wanted to go on an Alaskan cruise and train trip when I retired but became disabled before that happened.

I do not but I think that is a valid need. I am in my 70’s and single again and I have lost a couple of close friends who previously have traveled with me so I have to travel as a single if I wish to cruise. Cruising is my favorite way to travel as I can visit many places byt I onky have to unpack once. I use a mobility scooter when I cruise and have been very happy with my many experiences on Holland America. Uou will love Alaska. I did the 2 week trip with HA where I was on ship one wwek then traveled inland by train 2nd week. I loved it.

You should try They were at the Travelability conference last year and they are fantastic. Ask for Kerri Johnson, the founder.

I’d love to know about this group, too. But, the link did not work for me. Can someone resend it after confirming it works for them?

Use this to find individuals interested in same trip.

Be cautious of your travel companion(s).
Great travel adventures can break long term relationships, and just as easily create life long relationships. (Speaking from experience as a longtime road tripper)

This is more of a group of individuals service for your trip to be planning completed. If you need assistance planning your dream trip.

Hopefully this helps you get closer to your bucket list trip.

are you looking for a travel companion or a helper companion? I am disabled also, but looking for a travel friend.

I found this an issue too. I would love to go more but I don’t always have someone to go with. I would love to go on a cruise but you pay more for individual. I’m in a powered wheelchair and I wouldn’t care if it was able body companion or disabled companion. It would be awesome to have it somewhere to find a like-minded individual