Traveling on Dialysis

Hi! Emily here from accessibleGO. We’ve had a few questions from our community on traveling while receiving dialysis. Does anyone have experience doing so? How do you plan the treatments ahead of time at various centers?

Thank you in advance!

Hi everyone, it’s Pinky :fairy:, another one of your Forum Moderator’s.

So occasionally I like to test out a cruise ship for how it compares for its accessibility vs. how it describes itself online. A few years back while exploring a Celebrity cruise ship, I learned that the ship also had a Dialysis machine on-board to aide a few passengers. My mind was blown… how AMAZING!!! All I could think about was all those people who are stuck where they live because they are dependent on being near their dialysis treatments; and how many of them would kill to get to go on a holiday and get a change in scenery.

Celebrity and Royal Carribean Cruise lines work with a company called Dialysis At Sea on a couple of their newer, more modern ships that have a larger on-board infirmary and medical staff. You can actually search on their website for which upcoming cruises they will be on the ship so that you can get that vacation everyone deserves.
There is another UK based company called Cruise Dialysis that operates on a few other cruise lines around Europe. You can also check for upcoming trips on their website.

I assume that if you are flying into a Departure port city prior to your cruise or sticking around after it returns, that you will need to find a local dialysis center while there? If you need any help finding one, just let us know and we will get you some contacts.

My apologies for not having more personal experience to share about here, but I wanted to make sure and share this for I fear way too many people have no idea they have this cruising option and it’s a great style of trip for someone receiving treatment; because you never have to shlep from city to city and your hotel room is always with you when you need rest and quiet. Happy to help with any cruising advice for traveling with disabilities as well if you need?

Ok everyone… get out there and sail the world! It’s our planet too! (This is where you hear Christopher Cross singing “Sailing”).

Come back and tell us too if you have ever tried this for a cruise, please? You would be shocked how many people on here who would be thrilled to learn what the experience is like; before they try for themselves.

Cruise on my travel family,