Traveling to the British Isles at the End of September

From a member of our community:

I have a trip planned for the British Isles in Sept. 22 and I’m having problems finding accessible activities.

We were in London a few years ago and found it to be fairly friendly in terms of accessibility. Not sure what your needs are but we were with a 16 year old in a wheelchair and having cognitive issues. The black cabs in London are all wheelchair accessible and I would highly recommend using them to get around. Several people I know complain at their cost but for door to door service with a ramp and tie downs in every car, I thought it was a steal. The tube is only accessible in certain places so if you want to ride it, I would recommend getting an accessibility map for it which is available at most stops. We did a great deal of shopping, tourist attractions and museums without any real problems. To be honest, I found Boston to be less accessible than London. We took a Thames cruise, rode the big wheel, took a bus out to Harry Potter film set, shopped in every department store my wife could find, went to tea, etc. As for the rest of the British Isles, I can not speak for.

Hope you have a great trip.

Hi Sam, It’s Pinky.

I was wondering if you could ask the member if when they are saying “British Isles”, do they mean all the countries in the UK :uk:or the Channel Islands? I want to help with this one, but need to understand which specific area it is, because one is a HUGE :spiral_notepad: list and the other a bit more limited :pinching_hand:(but NOT impossible). So sorry I am unable to answer this yet, but as soon as I get more clarification, I will get right on this one. :woman_in_manual_wheelchair:

Thank you, Sam and member,