Traveling with my Power Wheelchair

From a community member:

Even though I can’t talk verbally. I have a communication device to communicate with people. I have a metro lift. So I travel around by myself in my hometown. I have a question, if I want to travel to another state. Can I bring my power wheelchair on an airplane?

Yes, All airlines both domestic and international airlines will take your power chairs and scooters. Check with foreign airlines as their rules get complicated on lithium batteries.

You can take your chair. However, you will have to transfer to an airplane seat, as they put your chair in with luggage under the plane.

You can take your chair WITH YOU but you can’t ride in it while airborne. If it’s a power chair you will be able to ride in it as far as the end of the jetway to the door of the plane and then transfer (with assistance if needed) to an aisle chair which will be used to get you to your seat

Yes you can. Let the airline know you will be traveling with your chair. You will to fill out a form at check-in with the chair’s weight and battery type (dry batteries only). At the entrance to the plane you will transfer to a chair that fits through the aisle and explain how the chair works to the ramp agent. When you land you will have to wait until your chair is brought to you after it is unloaded from cargo. Check that nothing is broken before you leave.

Yes, you can bring your power chair on the airplane. However, they put it underneath like cargo. You risk getting it broken. I would recommend putting a tag on it tells that air cargo people how to disengage the brakes and push it or how to turn it on. I have a tag like that on mine. I choose not to bring my power chair because it has gotten broken about half the time so I bring a manual one that is just easier to fix. Good luck to you! my experiences with Alaska and Delta Airlines has been better than a few other airlines.

Which Manuel electric wheelchair do you recommend?

Unfortunately you can only take your power chair as far as the boarding gate. From there you will be transferred to an aisle chair and your power chair will be stored in the aircrafts hold. Your chair should be waiting for you as you leave the aircraft, again in an aisle chair.
This sucks big time and that is why I started this petition to encourage United Airlines to become accessible - Petition · Accessible Air Travel For All ·