Traveling with portable lift


I travel with a rifton Tram to transfer to bed and back to chair. I have Becker’s MD and don’t have upper body strength to transfer by myself. My wife has no problem transferring me with the lift. It’s just too much otherwise. I have noticed more and more hotels put solid foundations on their beds. For example the Choice Hotel chain has put the solid based in all their hotels. I even talked to several of their hotel managers that bragged about how they spent thousands putting the solid bases in there rooms. Help is there anything to do other than call every hotel?


Unfortunately calling about our needs are the best way but doesnt assure issue is perfect. I also DO NOT use 800 number to call for reservation until I check directly with the location/facility as central reservation 90% of the time has no clue about the location and facility offerings. Lots of items to check on not only mobility,restaurant/food services in hotel to avoid issues of needing and not finding wheelchair ready taxi, does pool have lift or ramp, are there any places near by(walking distance) for movie,shopping for last minute items and sightseeing. The more we are up and about more can needs be known and how to advocate for them. ADA hotel rooms are often a joke(my last trip I needed to have BR door removed as it opened into room thus not allowing me to enter. Ended up having room changed(at hotel willingness as they were unable to comply with ADA room) Unfortunately you calling place to place will eliminate disappointment when you arrive. I keep track of name and date I speak to manager in regard to my reservation needs. Some hotels are privately owned vs. part of chain so not all hotels by the same name will be designed and furnished the same. Good luck with finding free standing beds. Traveling can bring so much enjoyment and break the everyday routine.


My husband also has to be transferred into bed with a lift system. I have to figure out our route of travel and then call all hotels on that route to make sure the room has the free standing bed. I now travel with a copy of the ADA Rules that state that there must be a 17-25" toe space under the bed. However, not many comply. Last year I called 27 motels before I found 2 that complied. Even if they comply one year, they may the next if they remodel. This is so frustrating. I have written letters to the attorney Generals offices in Florida, Illinois, Alabama and Wisconsin without any response. I did this at the direction of the ADA Advocate site when I contacted them to see who I could talk to about this. Now I call each hotel direct
" Hampton Inns are the only ones I have found that are somewhat consistent. Something needs to be done to make all handicapped rooms have free standing beds and to insure they are ADA compliant. We stayed in one “Handicapped” room that had 1 grab bar by the toilet, a glass enclosed shower with a door that was 24" wide, no shower bench, and no grab bars in the shower. When I talked to the front desk. they had no idea why I was upset.


I have a choice Hotel rewards card. Then I found out they were in the process of converting all their beds to solid platform beds. No exceptions, even the rooms they call accessible. I was working on reservations to visit my daughter in Colorado today. I was surprised that most of the hotels did not have any accessible rooms. None. Was fortunate to find a Bedt Western that had a real accessible room.