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Traveling with special needs and children



Hi I’m new to this hopefully this u I svfone correctly. I’m visually impaired and have a child with Autism and Tourette’s syndrome and other special needs. We have a ESA doggie that travels with us to help calm our daughter down. My husband is also a Military Veteran so yes he has PTSD. But we still love to travel, which brings me to my problem. We are looking for help. Can someone please suggest a RV to travel in we’re taking a road trip to some camp sites near the El Paso area and we’re in need of a RV thuu I s well come in handy due to the fact We make constant stops to potty and sometimes it is difficult to stop if there isn’t a potty area. And with the corona virus an RV just seems practical. I can use steps ladder but it is a little hard but I still manage. Please send suggestions we’re making our road trip August the 5 so very soon. Thanks in advance.

Hi @hita1lopez thanks for posting! We also shared your question on our Facebook page here and hope that the community will respond with helpful information.

thanks but I dont have facebook

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