Traveling 🧳

Good evening, well, here is my story, since I always travel to Peru twice a year, well, whenever I buy the ticket, I make it so that I have 2 checked suitcases and since I am taking my medical things, something unusual happened to me with the travel agency (not accessibleGO) since it is done something difficult to buy that he has to be with me because of my condition and that the travel agency every time I made my reservation when I made the payment for my plane ticket they changed my checked bags and it happened like 5 times the first excuse did not check at the time of to make the payment they asked me for a photo of my payment because I took the trouble to make a video call customer service and their response was that they have a policy I can cancel and the truth is that it happened to me 5 times and I wanted to speak with a supervisor and They told me that I was gone at that moment the call was cut off and they never called and it was very difficult and as I say I always make the reservation and I have been traveling for many years but it changes that I pay for the luggage and at the
time of departure payment change it #travelocit

So sorry to hear about your experience. I hope members of our community have some suggestions. Here at accessibleGO, we can help with accessible accommodations. We also aren’t a travel agency. We have not branched into flights yet, but it is good to hear about the experiences of our members. Thank you for sharing. Members of our community have suggested travel and tour agencies in the past. You can find them if you search for them.