Trips without a lot of walking

From a community member:

We’d greatly appreciate any recommendations for trips that are easy for folks who can’t walk a lot.


Thanks for that post! I, too, would like to hear of trips with not so much walking. I’m in need of two knee replacements and I’m too overweight. It’s a catch-22. I can’t walk much because of my knees and I’m overweight because I can’t walk anymore. I do use a cane, but otherwise I’m one of those people who don’t have an “apparent” disability. I do love traveling, but it is such a hassle, I just don’t do it.

Viking Cruises are rated with levels of touring difficulty. Amounts of standing/walking, rating terrain difficulty, etc. are offered. Cruising the rivers of the US, Europe can be enjoyable just from the ship but of course you get more from each port by participating in the excursions you can. You can choose what you’re up for.


Hi, It’s Pinky; One of your Forum Moderators. I think I have some general ideas for some low-walking vacations for you; but happy to find some more specific “actual” trips for you, once you narrow down what sounds best to you.

1. Cruises: I know its cliche; but in the long run; cruises still are the best solution for those with limited mobility to get the most out of their vacations. If you think about it; you never have to re-pack and yet your in a new country each day; you have multiple restaurants and entertainment venues all within easy reach right on the ship (you don’t even need to get off the ship); if you want to make it real easy, just curl up with a book on the sun-deck for a week and watch the world sail by. It looks like most of the industry has opened back up now.

2. Las Vegas: (not summer) Las Vegas… what am I, crazy? However, EVERTHING in Vegas is very accessible due to the ADA laws and the newer age of Las Vegas; and what isn’t officially… then there always seem to be a golf cart or tour vehicle ready to assist you. Seriously everything there seems to have a way to make it easier on you to visit. Just be careful in those giant casino’s! You get lost in there and you may never find your way out.

3. San Diego & Daytona: Yes…as far apart as could be, but both are great accessible beach towns due to amount of accessible beaches & the ability to be able to drive right onto the sand with your vehicle. San Diego will have more accessible activities throughout the whole city as Daytona is more a beach and race car town (and still new to converting to ADA activities).

4. Amtrack or Trains throughout the World: Talk about an amazing way to see the planet and not have to walk much. Now I can’t speak for the food on board these trains for any extended journeys; but sometimes on longer journeys the train has short layovers in some cities and you can restock up with fresh snacks and nibbles for your cabin(birth).

5. South African Safari’s: There are a bunch of accessible Safari tours now all over Africa and this is one activity you “should NOT” get out of the vehicle and walk around anyways. I just recently got some tour information for another of our community members if that would help?

6. Oahu: If you have Hawaii on your bucket list, than this might be the “easier” accessible island over Honolulu and Maui which are very crowded and not as relaxing with the massive crowds. Just like the other islands who have made a concerned effort to be ADA accessible, Oahu has stepped up and offers a quieter and more peaceful vacation. Still plenty to do on that island.

Well I hope this at least gets you started?; and as I said, we are happy to help you with the smaller details of planning your trip as well when your ready?

  • Have a great trip. :flight_departure:
  • Keep on traveling everyone; It’s our world too! :wheelchair: :earth_americas:
  • -Pinky :fairy: :kissing_heart:
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I have a similar issue because of back problems. I have a cruise scheduled but fear trying to walk the long piers to get to shore excursion meeting points. An assistive device, eg, wheel chair, golf cart, would help, but cruise company, Carnival, offers nothing in cruise ports other than home ports. Any one else found solution for this problem?