United states v. uber technologies, inc


Hi everyone, Pinky :fairy: again. I wanted to share with you some goof news I just discovered while on the Department of Justice’s website. If anyone has had issues with Uber and/or have been charged for the extra time needed to board the accessible vehicles; it looks like our day of reckoning is coming, as the DOJ comes to our defense finally.

(Now if someone could just explain to me why Uber killed its Accessible vehicle programs in ALL but a couple of cities in the U.S.?

Love to get everyone’s feedback on the case or if you have had any issues with Uber, Lyft, or any of the transportation apps?

Thanks everyone; I look forward to reading your posts,
-Pinky :fairy:



On November 10, 2021, the United States filed a complaint under Title III of the ADA challenging Uber’s practice of charging “wait time” fees to passengers who, because of disability, take longer than two minutes to get in their Uber car. Passengers with disabilities may need additional time to enter a car for various reasons. A passenger may, for example, use a wheelchair or walker that needs to be broken down and stored in the car. Or a passenger who is blind may need additional time to safely walk from the pickup location to the car itself. If you believe you have been a victim of disability discrimination by Uber because you, or someone you were traveling with, were charged wait time fees, please contact the Justice Department at 833-591-0425 (toll-free), 202-305-6786, or send an email to Uber.Fee@usdoj.gov.

On February 4, 2022, the United States filed a response to Uber’s Motion to Dismiss the Complaint, arguing that, contrary to Uber’s arguments, Uber is a covered transportation company under Title III of the ADA and that the United States’ Complaint plausibly alleges that Uber violates Title III of the ADA and its implementing regulations by charging discriminatory wait time fees to people with disabilities who, because of disability, need more than two minutes to board an Uber vehicle.

On July 18, 2022, the Department of Justice announced that it entered a multi-million-dollar settlement agreement with Uber Technologies, Inc. to resolve a the lawsuit. Under the agreement, Uber will offer millions of dollars in compensation to over 65,000 Uber riders who were charged the discriminatory fees due to a disability. Uber will also waive wait time fees for all Uber riders who certify that they (or someone they frequently travel with) need more time to get in an Uber because of a disability, and will ensure that refunds are easily available for anyone who is charged a wait time fee because of disability.

Press Release

I personally have only took Uber a total of 3 times. I am a wheelchair user myself. Luckily the 3 times I have took them; I had my manual wheelchair with me & the driver’s didn’t mind assisting me with putting my wheelchair in the trunk of their vehicle. However, I have noticed that their WAV(Wheelchair Accessiable Vehicles) were either always OVER priced for a ride; or they were Never in the area when I needed them. I also noticed a few months ago when I was trying to book a ride for my Mother-in-law(Chicago, Illinois) that None of their WAV(Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles) was even an option to pick. Luckily my Mother-in-law (Non-wheelchair user) didn’t need one of their WAV.

I wonder if this lawsuit against them is the reason they decided to no longer offer (WAV):thinking::thinking:
If this lawsuit is the reason why they ended their (WAV); I feel another lawsuit might be following; if not already in the works.

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Yes, Pinky, thank you for sharing! I’ve been reading up on this myself, and signed up to ensure I’m not unfairly charged moving forward.

As I am an ambulatory wheelchair user, I take Ubers very often and usually when I am by myself. I cannot lift my wheelchair, but usually have the Uber driver do so for me. This always takes extra time, just for me to tell them how to do so and how I need help.

When I went back to see how much I had been charged in wait times, it honestly was quite difficult to decipher. I had to individually look at each ride vs. finding a sum total amount. I personally think they made this difficult on purpose… but that’s my take. I think I got maybe $6 back from this ruling, which is nice! LOL.

WAV vehicles aren’t really available in Austin, TX, unfortunately. I’ve only seen them in the form of like accessible taxis here.

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Hi Pinky; I only see one reason they do it. Money. Handicap people are increasingly ignored by businesses. Their values have changed.
If we do not pay for their services we are easily ignored. It happens all over, including World Multimedia Corporations who used the handicap issue in the past to soften people acceptance.
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