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Using Lyft or Uber with a motorized scooter?

From a member of our community:

Curious, has anyone asked about or tried using Lyft or Uber with a motorized scooter?

Yes, I’ve used it twice in Seattle and once in San Fransisco this past April. I have the app on my phone. When I set my settings, I switched on the handicapped accessible tab. But, each time I asked the driver if they saw that, they said no. Each vehicle was a sedan. My husband and the driver were able to disassemble my scooter & fit it in the trunk. My scooter swivels so I would back up, .swivel so my legs were opposite the steering bars. Facing forward and with car door open, I use a sliding board to scoot onto the front passenger seat. I hope this helps. I have to saw every driver was super nice and willing to learn how to break down and pack the scooter in the trunk.

Get the uber app on ur cell then look 2c if UberWav is available in that city on the app when requesting

Hi everybody
The problem with Lyft and uber is that they are privately owned cars , so unless the car owner has a disabled person in his family you will probably be hard pressed to find one. I live in NYC this past year the TLC recently started accessible Dispatch. There is both a number to call and an app. You can order a cab according to the size of your equipment and it’s all the same price based on what the meter says.

My experience has been that taxis avoid you if they see the scooter. In London we had no trouble. If the scooter comes apart, it can go in the trunk. When you order, arrange for the larger car


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If I am alone I use accessible taxis exclusively if possible. Most large American cities have at least a few. Just plan on waiting up to an hour for one.

If I have family members with me, we call for an extra large Lyft and mention in the comments that I have a large mobility scooter. We take the seat off and fold the starting column down. Then my family members load it in. The problem comes when some people driving mini-suvs show up and try to load 3 of us plus my scooter. That’s a nightmare! But we can usually make it work. And most of the drivers have been sympathetic and kind.