Vacation ideas - Savannah, GA

From a community member:

We are looking for a 3-4 day vacation. Perhaps Savannah, GA. What sites are suitable for folks in motorized wheelchairs there?

My suggest. Call the local visitors center on line for info. I had checked a while ago and they had plenty. They also have a visitors guide you can send away for. I have it. It willbtell you all the sites accessible. The ferry to Tybee island is. Museums are. Atlant zoo is. Grayson stadium for the Savanah bananas might be


I use a manual chair and Savannah is one of my favorite Southern cities. There are elevators to go from the street level down to the waterfront level. The small parks and the large city parks are very enjoyable in good weather. If you are into WWII history the 8th Air Force museum is interesting.

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The pirate house is a restaurant where they tell pirate legends of Savannah. It’s really fun but I did have to go through the back entrance to get in. Tybee island has an accessible pathway through the sand to get you close to the shore. It also have a boardwalk which is accessible and goes out several hundred feet.

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