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I have profound hearing loss and looking for hotel chains with reliable visual alerts for door knock and smoke detector. Thanks for your help.


All of the major chains have them… I know I usually stay in Hilton branded hotels and they have rooms with visual alert devices

My concern is reliable. I’ve had problems with dead batteries, not set up correctly, can’t find them.

Thank you so much for writing about this issue! This is one of the things that we are working on here at accessibleGO. So while we are gathering this information in our accessibility data collection efforts with over 6,000 US hotels covered to date, as you correctly wrote, the issue is both reliability and the staff knowledge. We’re actually about to launch a hotel accessibility certification pilot where this will be covered properly. More details coming soon! In the meantime, when you book with us, we confirm with the property that they have the features you need and that they are in good working order.

I am a Hilton traveler and every hotel brand of theirs has these features on sime of their accessible rooms. Go to and key in where abd whrn abd tten how many in roim and the available brands will cone up with a price. Click on your preferred brand and then click the box saying accessibke then Apply. The accessible rooms will list individualiy and it will say if a particular room is equipped for hearing impaired. I often have those features in my mobility accessible room.

Hi Jodimil, I’m Pinky :fairy:; one of your Forum Moderator’s. Hoping you have seen Miriam’s :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: post above from AccessibleGo? They are phenomenal on making sure you secure a room that is right for you.

After traveling to a bunch of hotels that claim to either have “Accessible” or “ADA-Compliant” rooms, I have defiantly noticed a difference in all of them. This isn’t an attack on any them, just want to be honest with you that they all seem to be working off of a different book on what ADA laws are for a compliant hotel room. Which you obviously have found out, can be a living nightmare :scream:when trying to make sure it has all the right safety equipment installed to make your stay safe too.

I have noticed from some of the larger chains, that they take the time to identify what type of ADA compliant room it is; because they feel the need to sometimes just install certain equipment in different rooms to be able to rent them out to the diverse group of guest with disabilities that need them vs. the smaller chains that just put it all into one or two rooms in the property to meet local or corporate ADA codes. For example, here is how some of the rooms might be described differently:

See… They make it so confusing from room to room. ADA law requires that hotels follow these guidelines for guests who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, which states:
"Hotels and motels must also provide built-in communication features in a certain percentage of guest rooms.
These features include:

  • Visual alarms in guest rooms that are connected to the building’s emergency alarm system.

  • Visual notification devices in guest rooms to alert persons with hearing impairments to incoming telephone calls and door knocks or bells.

  • Electrical outlets to facilitate the use of text telephones."

    So to make a long story short, whats best is to reach out to the specific hotel like the folks at AccessibleGo will do for you, in order to make sure they have those rooms designed with all the right equipment to make your trip just as amazing as everyone else staying there. Whats most important beyond traveling, is traveling safe and smart.

Please let us know if we can be of any help finding you one of those type of rooms in a specific area and I would be glad to help (as would so many of our members). That’s what were here for right? If we don’t look after each other, who will?

Look forward to helping you find some travels Jodimil.
-Pinky :fairy:

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Thanks for the response. Looking to travel in the future and would love to get a room that is just hearing loss accommodations and not wheelchair. Next travel opportunity will probably be next year and I will see what accessiblego can do for me.