Walk-in Tubs - in Wisconsin

From a community member:

I am looking for hotels in Wisconsin that offer an accessible bathtub…. The ones that are newer on the market…sit ins… then close the door, add water and SOAK happily
Can you help with ideas?

Here’s a link.

Thanks for the question!! Emily here from accessibleGO.

I’m doing some research, and it’s find to hard specifications on the walk-in bathtub. I see that Great Wolf Lodge potentially has it, but I would recommend calling to double check. I’m also looking at general searches to see if any hotel chains have this in some of their accessible rooms, but I’m not having any luck there either.

I personally haven’t seen this quite yet, but know it would be a great feature to add! Roll-in showers are the main name of the game when it comes to accessible bathing options. But we’ll keep looking!

HI, it’s Pinky :fairy:; one of your Forum Moderators. I saw your question the other day and have been trying to do some research for you, but unfortunately, I have come up with nothing. I can find rooms with Accessible bathtubs (which just means they add bars and leave enough room for a chair to wheel next too); but I know that’s not what you are looking for.

What’s ironic is that there is another company called Safestep that actually does hotel chains bathroom remodeling but has nothing to do with installing SafeStep walk-in tubs. I searched high and low and the closest thing I could find to suggest is one of the hotels with a hot tub in your room. Those seem to be quite plentiful in so many hotels across the state; including a lot of the moderate priced chain hotels that you would never imagine having rooms like that.

Just in case that might interest you, I picked out a few that looked like they might work soak:

  1. Sybaris Pool Suites - They have a handful of these across the state. Coolest hotel rooms that actually have their own private pools and hot tubs in the rooms. Unfortunately, I have not had time to verify yet if any of the suites are accessible; but I can’t imagine a business this new, not designing an accessible room (Unless Wisconsin does not follow federal ADA laws?)?

2.) Buckingham Suites - These cute little hotel rooms can have a Jacuzzi and a roll-in shower in the same room. (Try the Mendota suite).

3.) The Iron Horse Hotel - This hotel looks the place to be when visiting Milwaukee. The rooms are gorgeous, and they have multiple variations of ADA rooms. They do have accessible tubs with the handrails.

4.) AmericInn Ashland by Wyndham - Ok, so I heard on online rumor that they have Accessible suites with Jacuzzi for 2. Can’t confirm yet; but would assume if it’s an accessible room, that they would make sure the tub is accessible too? The hotel is also connected to Splashland, indoor water park. Also waiting on more information about what parts of the waterpark are accessible.

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to come up with a walk-in tub accommodation for you. If it helps, here is the website I found that listed hotels with hot tubs. There might be something on the site you really like. Will keep looking for you and if something comes along, I will come back and add an update. If you need help just finding an ADA room with a bathtub with rails, we can find you something very easily?

Hang in there… it won’t be too much longer before some of these hotels start realizing that step-in tubs are much safer for people seeking an ADA bathtub room. Thank you for coming to the Forum with your question. I promise you; we usually have a solution/answer for people; you just stumped us on this one.

-Pinky :fairy: